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Knoxville, TN Professional Aging In Place Home Remodeling

Improve your home's livability and accessibility by calling Home For A Lifetime Remodeling, serving Knox, Anderson, Loudon and Sevier counties. 

Of the 60% of all Baby Boomers who plan to stay in their homes during the next five years, 65% expect to take on home improvements.  Let Home For A Lifetime be your one call to handle your project.

Here are just a few remodeling suggestions that will help keep you where your roots are:
  • A low or no-step threshold entrance into your home
  • A low maintenance exterior
  • Non-slip flooring in the main entrance way
  • An open floor plan, especially in the living/dining room
  • Handrails at all steps, preferably on both sides
  • At least one accessible bathroom with a walk-in shower, taller toilet and grab bars
  • For 2-story homes, an existing dining room or family room can be converted into a bedroom to avoid climbing of stairs
  • Installing hardwood floors rather than thick carpeting - helps prevent tripping and also is easier for a wheel chair and walkers to glide
  • Raising appliances such as dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers to avoid bending
  • Lowering appliances such as microwave ovens and designing a spot next to it for hot dishes to rest
  • Bright lighting throughout the home is great for those with poor vision
  • Convenient shelf or bench at your entry doors to rest bags & packages
  • Wider doorways.  Doorways that are 32-36 inches wide allow wheelchair pass through
  • Wider hallways.  Hallways should be 36-42 inches wide
  • Lever door handles and rocker light switches - great for people with poor hand strength.

Consider This:
Assisted Living Facilities can put a drain on your budget - many running more than $3,000 a month.  Why not make the investment now to make your home safer, more livable and more comfortable - allowing you to remain in your home for as long as you possibly can.  You'll be happy you made the investment and it also adds value to your home!

If you have a Long Term Care Policy, check to see if you have a provision which pays for home modifications.  If you are interested in exploring a Long Term Care Policy, we can refer you to a professional who can research the best policy for you. 
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